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All-Time Market Highs: A Great Time for a Reminder

Exactly one month ago the fate of the United States was being decided, and initially the U.S. markets were pissed. The overnight futures signaled a bloodbath in the markets at the open; it was so negative, I did something I never do: I wrote a post in response to short term market activity. But then the unthinkable happened–the futures recovered, and the…

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The Right Type of Relationship with Your Financial Advisor

Recently, Barry Ritholtz wrote an article for The Washington Post that asked a simple question, “Do you need a financial advisor?” I am an avid reader of Barry’s blog (The Big Picture), along with his writings for The Washington Post, Bloomberg and other publications. I’m also a huge fan of what he and his colleagues are doing in the field…

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Shop Small

For more than 28 million small business owners, today is an important day; it’s Small Business Saturday. We all are aware of the deals at the big box stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but on Small Business Saturday, the focus turns to the small businesses in our communities. And, it’s important to support your local small businesses. Since…

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An Alternative to Traditional Health Insurance

Today we start with a disclaimer: This post is intended to educate readers about an alternative option to traditional health insurance, and it is not a recommendation. CONSULT YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISOR, OR OTHER FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL, TO DETERMINE IF THESE ALTERNATIVES ARE A GOOD FIT FOR YOU. It’s November, which means it’s open enrollment for health insurance coverage in 2017. And…

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Bullish On Financial Advisory Industry

It’s my last day in NYC, and it’s been an amazing trip. This was my first time here, and I enjoyed seeing as much of what the city has to offer as I could. Naturally, my first stop was Wall Street–no respectful finance nerd would go anywhere else first. After purchasing a CD and getting directions from an aspiring rapper…

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Veterans, Thank You!

Like so many, I posted thank you messages on my social media this morning. I sent text messages to friends who are either active duty, or veterans to personally thank them for their service. I even got up at 5:00 AM to do the CrossFit workout “Murph” (look it up) in remembrance of those who lost their lives defending my…

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Indiana Teachers: An Update to the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS)

Listen up Indiana Educators: before long, there will be talk in the teachers’ lounge about changes coming to the Indiana Public Retirement System, which TRF became a part of a few years ago. Although well intentioned, the information you get in the teachers’ lounge isn’t always accurate. So here is a breakdown of the upcoming changes: