Weekly Mixtape for May 19, 2017


Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

Last week I started the mixtape off with a plug for Logic’s newest release, which has been on heavy rotation for me the last week, but unfortunately, I don’t have anything for you this week. I’ll probably check out Snoop Dogg’s new release; he’s tried to lure me in with a picture of a young, hungry Snoop Doggy Dogg on the cover, but I have low expectations, which are sure to be met.

Although Hip-Hop has been my first love with music, I’ve always appreciated different genres, and growing up I sprinkled in a decent amount of grunge/alternative. Soundgarden’s Superunknown was one of first and favorite non-rap CD’s, so I was naturally saddened to learn about the death of Chris Cornell, the frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave. Today’s soundtrack in the office will be a shuffle of Chris’ work over the years.

Let’s get to my favorite posts from the week:

The Reformed Broker: American Gods It should come as no surprise that The Reformed Broker is the first blog I read every morning; usually Josh Brown is addressing things going on in the market, and explaining them in an entertaining way. This week he dropped this gem, and it’s way more than just a what’s going on in the market–it’s a philosophical piece. This one is a must read.

A Wealth of Common Sense: When Your Financial Plan Gets Thrown Out The Window First, congrats to Ben Carlson and his family on the addition of twins to their family–so exciting!  There is practically nothing a financial advisor can guarantee. However, I can pretty much guarantee your financial plan, as it exists today, will not be the same financial plan that will exist when you reach your goals. A financial plan is a fluid document, meaning it will change numerous times over its existence, so when your plan gets disrupted, relax because your advisor knows this is going to happen and is prepared to update to take into consideration the changes.

Abnormal Returns: Non-Financial Wants And The Rise of ESG Investing I have to start with another commercial for Tadas’ website–he’s started an elective membership to Abnormal Returns, and I’m asking you to support him so he can keep up the tremendous work. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know ESG Investing is an interest of mine, and I’m in the process of researching (and sharing this research) the investment strategy. I wanted to share this to keep ESG Investing in front of you while I complete my own research.

A Teachable Moment: An Aggressively Clueless Investment I have a great appreciation for Tony Isola because of his story–check it out on his website–and his pull-no-punches writing style. In an effort to find ways to make money off investors, Wall Street brings investment vehicles to the market that have no business being offered, and Tony talks about one here.

Barry Ritholtz on Bloomberg: The Only Question Investors Have is About Trump Politics are not my strong suit, which is one of the reasons it does not show up in my writing. Plus, it just ends up pissing people off. However, there are questions about Washington, our President and what it means for investors. Barry Ritholtz is far more educated in the realm of politics, so I defer to him.

All About Your Benjamins: 300 Ain’t What It Used To Be While Wednesday’s down day in the market appears to be short lived, my post from this week explains why “big” numerical moves in the market are not the same as they used to be. There are two links at the end of my post that are worth reading as well!

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