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Goals, Mission, Purpose, and The Good Life

The future of financial planning, as I’ve shared before, is going to extend beyond crunching numbers for retirement. The future of financial planning is going to focus on helping clients align their finances with their values—and that future is here.

This week’s visual, inspired by Jack Butcher at Visualize Value, illustrates the process of aligning your goals with your mission, which will lead you to finding and living your purpose and ultimately experiencing your version of “The Good Life”.

It was brought my attention, thanks to a snarky comment on Instagram, that this illustration makes it look all too simple, which is not the intent. Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing easy about finding the alignment of your goals, mission, and purpose. Once you find that alignment, there is plenty of hard work to be done—saving, paying down debt, living within your means, investing, and all of the other responsible behaviors that foster a strong financial plan. If we were able to zoom in closer on each component, we’d see layers of details.

Reaching The Good Life does not occur without planning. There will be struggles, setbacks, and even disappointment along the way. But the happiness, impact you will leave, and fulfillment you will experience will make it all worth it.

As you work on your financial plan, take inventory of your goals, mission, and purpose—are they in alignment with each other? Now take a look at your finances—are they in alignment with your goals, mission, and purpose? Once you are able to answer “yes” to the above you will be on your way to The Good Life.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining to your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.

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