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Haircuts & Convos With Roman & Leo

I’ve always enjoyed getting my haircut. For as long as I can remember, I’d go to the barber every two weeks and this a routine I’ve passed on to Roman, Leo, and Silas (well Silas is more on a monthly schedule right now). Since the barbershop is closed, I’ve decided that I will be the barber and take advantage of the one-on-one time with the boys and ask them questions about finance and life. Naturally, I’m recording these conversations with the hopes of encouraging parents to have similar conversations with their children–conversations are a great start to financial literacy.

In the first episode, I asked Roman and Leo what they knew about the coronavirus and the stock market, how they felt about missing school, and I explained a little about what is going on with the economy.

Episode 1

In the second episode, I discussed the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and asked them what skills they have or are developing that other people would hire them to do. I also asked them what they would do if they received the $1,200 stimulus check from the government–I was pleasantly surprised by their answers. I have to shoutout my friends from Twitter for the great ideas for questions–I’ve got more questions lined up for each week’s haircut.

Episode 2

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