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Helping Clients Create Lives, Not Just Get Through Life–A Talk With The FPA of Orange County

A couple of weeks ago I went out to The OC to give a talk to the Financial Planning Association of Orange County and I finally got my hands on the video. The title of the talk was “Helping Clients Create Lives, Not Just Get Through Life” and it was the first time I gave the talk–I actually created it just for the FPA of Orange County but I loved it so much I’m going to keep refining it and am looking to give it as much as I can…I’m also planning on creating a similar talk for the non-financial advisor community. I need to help my peers in the profession to move to deeper and more emotional financial planning and I need to help everyone else understand that is the type of life and planning they should be looking for.

Rather than tell you what the talk was about…I’ll let you check it out yourself.

Helping Clients Create Lives, Not Just Get Through Life–FPA of Orange County (August 17th 2022)

In this talk given at the Financial Planning Association of Orange County, a group of financial advisors are introduced to the PRST mindset and focus as I explain how financial advisors have the unique opportunity to help their clients create the lives they truly want, not just live the one they were told to live.

As you know, a lot of my creative energy and content creation as of late has been directed toward PRST (pronounced pursuit) and this talk is one of the first events where all of my efforts (RLS Wealth, PRST, and All About Your Benjamins) collide…yes, they are separate brands but they are connected and this won’t be the last time they mix together.

I hope you enjoy the talk and if you’re in charge of programming for conferences, office meetings, or any other event you think this talk, or one similar, would bring value to PLEASE hit me up. I would love to share this message with as many people as possible. (jc at

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