The Psychology Of Money By Morgan Housel

I’m calling in a favor…

My friend, Morgan Housel, has a book coming out in a few weeks and while he won’t publicly say it, it would be an amazing (and deserved) accomplishment for him to make the New York Times Bestseller list.  I did not know this, but apparently, first week sales are make-or-break to top the list and pre-orders count as first-week sales.

As a reader of All About Your Benjamins, you are familiar with Morgan. He tops pretty much every week’s Mixtape and the very first episode of the retired Reversion To The Mean Podcast was titled “The Housel Effect” because many of the articles we discussed in that episode were written by Morgan. So, you know this book is going to be a must-read, but you may not have already placed your order.

If you wouldn’t mind, head over to Amazon and snag yourself a copy and help Morgan get the recognition he deserves. In my opinion, Morgan is one of, if not the best, financial writers, and although I’ve only had a chance to read the first chapter—the benefit of ordering 150 copies of members of The AGC™ is getting the book early from the publisher–I can already tell it is going to be an extension of the great writing we read each week.

And not only is Morgan a great writer, but he’s also a great person!

Once you have your copy find me out on Twitter and let me know your favorite chapter and why!

Thanks for helping me help my friend!

Amazon: The Psychology Of Money

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