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Ben Carlson’s Purchases Worth The Money


“While I think that lifestyle inflation is an issue for many people when trying to save, there are plenty of areas where it makes sense to shell out some cash.” – Ben Carlson


I often tell clients financial planning is about finding balance–a balance between preparing for long term goals, while enjoying and experiencing life today. The struggle is determining where to “enjoy” today, and where to trim to prepare for the future.

Ben Carlson’s blog today covers 10 purchases he views being worth the money. It’s a quick read, and I agree with the majority of his list.  But, I would drop a good TV and a dog (we’ve never been a pet family),  and I’d replace them with fitness and quality food. I’d also swap a nice pair of boots (since I don’t live in Michigan) with properly fitting clothes (which doesn’t necessarily have to be that much more expensive, and shouldn’t be your whole wardrobe).

Updated: I just thought of one more, which can replace guacamole.  A barber. Spend a little more to get a good haircut, and do so on a regular basis.

What would make your list?

Enjoy Ben’s post!

A Wealth of Common Sense: 10 Purchases That Are Worth The Money



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