Teaching Kids About Money

The Meb Faber Show Episode #62 is a must listen to for parents and soon-to-be parents. I’m an avid listener of Meb’s podcast, and while his podcast tends to be more technical and about investing, this episode is one that everyone can follow. In episode #62, Meb talks with Ron Lieber about the types of conversations about money we should be having with our kids.

It’s no secret many Americans struggle to manage their finances, and this is largely in part to little education on the subject.  The sooner we can educate our children about money and how to responsibly manage, the more likely it is the will have a healthy relationship with money when they are older.

If you are a parent or soon will be one, this podcast is for you. You’ll hear some great ideas for teaching your kids the value of money, how to make money decisions, the importance of savings, and the difference between wants and needs. While the conversation centers around what to teach our kids, it also serves as a good reminder for us to re-evaluate our habits with money.

Meb and Ron reference his book, The Opposite of Spoiled. I’ve added it to my wish list at Amazon, and will be reading it after I finish a couple of other books on my reading list. I’ll be sure to report back with my thoughts and possible recommendation to read it.

The Meb Faber Show: Episode #62 “We’re Not Have the Right Kinds of Conversations with our Kids About Money”


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