Weekly Mixtape For April 7th, 2018


Week In Review Articles:

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Secretary Steven Mnuchin Sees “Potential” Of Trade War

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Labor Market Shows Resilience Despite Volatile Backdrop

Wall Street Journal: Spotify’s Splashy Debut Pressures Banks

Investment News: Wells Fargo Wealth-Management Used Similar Incentives To Those Behind Fake-Account Scandal



Abnormal Returns: Finance Blogger Wisdom

The Reformed Broker: Be Terrified “Lies are satisfying, they were created to be crowd-pleasers, hence the speed with which they spread. Truths are ugly and annoying, with no one in possession of them being wholly content. Complex, adaptive systems do not owe you the satisfaction of being neat, easy, clean or compact enough to be shoehorned into some sort of axiomatic nursery rhyme.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Situational Awareness  “Situational awareness of volatile market environments can help investors prepare for a much wider range of outcomes, even if we don’t know precisely what those outcomes will be in advance.”

Morgan Houses via Collaborative Fund: How To Talk To People About Money “The best way to talk to people about money is keeping the phrases, “What do you want to do?” or “Whatever works for you,” loaded and ready to fire. You can explain to other people the history of what works and what hasn’t while acknowledging their preference to sleep well at night over your definition of “winning.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Ways Of Influence “Of course this isn’t easy, but seeing the signs of influence can be one of the most useful weapons you have against those that would try to persuade you.”

Lawrence Hamtil: Understanding Dividends “That being said, dividends in and of themselves do not make investors wealthier.  This is a mathematical fact as the cash distributed to investors via dividend reduces the per share stock price by an equivalent amount.”

Microcap Club: The Conviction To Hold “It is very tempting to sell along the way, and it’s okay to take a little off the table, but the big money is made by holding.”

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast Ep 012



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