Weekly Mixtape for December 30th, 2017

Casey Mullooly: You Invest Against Yourself “The idea of accumulating wealth as a way to keep score against others doesn’t make a ton of sense because not everybody is playing the same game as you. You invest against yourself, and that means you get to define the game and make the rules. Do so under your own terms in a way that leads you to happiness.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The First Rule Of Personal FinanceThere will always be people who have no choice but to go into credit card debt because of medical expenses or some other type of emergency but it appears most people do so because they spend on things they don’t need”

The Evidence-Based Investor: The Day I Was Asked To Leave An Advice Conference “But of course they do let us down, all the time. High-fee, actively managed funds have been aggressively pitched to UK advisers for more than 30 years, and yet only a tiny proportion of them have even delivered sufficient alpha to cover their fees and charges.” 

The Wall Street Journal: Many Comments Critical of ‘Fiduciary’ Rule Are Fake Duh.

MicroCap Club: The Maturation Of An Investor “In most cases to step toward your destiny you have to first step away from your security. You have to risk who you are for what you can be.”

James Clear: Why Everyone Should Lift Weights


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