Weekly Mixtape for December 9th, 2017



GQ: Are You Saving Enough Money? “Your money is like a snowball rolling downhill, except in addition to picking up all the snow on the ground, you’re standing next to it throwing, even more, snow (a.k.a. money) onto it, which in turn, adds more snow (a.k.a. compounded interest) from the ground until eventually, it turns into…Warren Buffet.”

Of Dollars And Data: Beyond All Expectations “What does this mean for you as an investor? It means to expect the unexpected.”

A Wealth of Common Sense: Prosperity Is A State Of Mind “Basically both the boom and bust were a function of people’s attitude and emotions.”

Corey Hoffstein via Newfound Research: Portable Beta: Making The Most Of The Returns You’re Already Getting  “The magic behind diversification – and one of the reasons it is considered the only ‘free lunch’ available in investing – is that a portfolio of assets will always have a risk level less-than-or-equal-to the riskiest asset within the portfolio.”

Dina Isola via A Teachable Moment: There Are No Awards For Martyrs, Just Tombstones ” Being financially secure is not a self-indulgence – it is the most beneficial to those you care about.”

This Week On All About Your Benjamins:

A Conversation With Pete the Planner On Cryptocurrency

Why I Want To Be Naked

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