Weekly Mixtape For April 13th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Expected Earnings Pullback Sets Up Big Test for Bull Market

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Close Higher as Bank Earnings Provide Lift

The WSJ: Fed Minutes: Officials See Little Need to Change Rates This Year

The WSJ: IMF Cuts 2019 Global Growth Outlook

The WSJ: House Flipping Is Back to Pre-Crisis Levels. Here’s Why It’s Less of a Concern

The WSJ: Scientists Release First Image of a Black Hole


A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Life Cycle of Wealth “While it would have been great for young people to pick up financial assets on the cheap during the Great Recession, my fellow 1980s babies can still make up for their shortfall. We just have to take advantage of our human capital by juicing our savings when those potential earnings become a reality.”

Morgan Housel: You Have To Live It To Believe It “Another takeaway is remembering that people whose views and decisions look crazy to you may be less crazy than you think, because they’re being made by people whose views on risk and reward were shaped in a different world than you’ve experienced.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Money We Don’t Talk About “Money is hard to talk about because it is easily equated with status.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Investing In The Real World “It’s easy to look at charts and growth rates and forget that statistics provide rather bloodless answers.”

Brendan Mullooly: Worse Than Perfect, Better Than The Alternative “The joke of it all is that the perfect portfolio does not exist. We only have the ability to know what was a perfect portfolio in the past, not what will be a perfect portfolio in the future.”

Douglas Boneparth: Planning To Be Single “However, should that opportunity never arise, please remember there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve the great things in life for no one else but yourself.”

Ashby Daniels: What Are Your Odds? “Here’s the kicker – despite all the shows of ego, for all but a select few of these managers (of whom no one can know who they’re going to be in advance), it still comes down to pure luck of the draw because (theoretically) all information is available to everyone.”

Stephen Nelson: The Painful Gift “These lessons are painful to go through. Losing may seem like the worst thing that can happen, and how it should be the end of everything, but the world turns and life goes on. It doesn’t wait for you.”

The New York Times: Barack Obama’s Letter at Nipsey Hussle’s Funeral: ‘He Saw Hope’

All About Your Benjamins: Define YOUR Success

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