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Talkin’ Shop: Scott Frank, CFA, CFP® And Financial Life Planning

Scott Frank, CFA, CFP® should be a familiar name, especially if you’ve been reading this blog and listening to my podcast; he’s joined me on the podcast to discuss his approach to financial planning–financial life planning and it is one of the most downloaded episodes, which is a credit to Scott and his story. He might live in California, but he’s a fellow Hoosier and his family was in town for spring break, and he was gracious enough to make time to have lunch with me (and Silas).

After lunch, I asked Scott to join me for an episode of Talkin’ Shop to talk more about financial life planning–I want more people to understand that a financial plan is more than just a retirement projection…it should be about creating the life that you want for you and your family. If you like what you hear, click the link above to listen to our podcast conversation to learn more!!

And stay tuned for more on the subject of financial life planning; George Kinder will be joining me on the podcast in May!


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Twitter: @scott_r_frank

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