Weekly Mixtape For April 20th, 2019

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Morgan Housel: When You’ll Believe Anything “People believe in financial quackery in a way they never would for, say, weather quackery because the rewards for correctly predicting what the stock market will do next week are in a different universe than the rewards for predicting whether it will be sunny or rainy next week.”

Abnormal Returns: Changing Behavior Takes Time ” Experience teaches us that real change is difficult, takes time, patience and realistic expectations. Just remember that the next time you think about how you are going to change the world.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Will To Survive “Each drawdown represents a period of wealth destruction.  A period where the market lost a third, a half, or even up to 90% of its value.  A period where some American businesses went extinct.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Stephen A. Smiths Of Personal Finance “Taking personal finance advice from the rich and famous can be hazardous to your wealth because eventually, these people can lose touch with reality. Much of what they’re now doing is personal finance hot takes to keep things interesting”

Humble Dollar: Castles In The Sky “Grandma and Grandpa were financially successful, and yet they never owned a house larger than 2,000 square feet. They didn’t like debt and they never felt they were house-poor. Take a look at your housing situation and ask yourself, ‘Are you living your American dream—or someone else’s version of it?'”

The Irrelevant Investor: Good At One Thing “These are some of the most successful people the game has ever seen. Michael and Magic are two of the best to ever play basketball, and Phil is one of the best to ever coach it. Their success on the court did not translate to success off it.”

Ashby Daniels: Finding Your Investing Edge “Those who say they know what’s coming don’t. They might say they do, but they don’t. Last I checked, fortune tellers weren’t located in the nicest parts of town.”

Douglas Boneparth: Tell Him No “I deeply understand what it’s like to reject a parent’s request to take over the family business. It’s down right crushing for everyone involved. In fact, it changed the nature of my relationship with my father forever.”

The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint: The Other Side Of Entrepreneurship “I wouldn’t change being an entrepreneur (and being married to one) for anything, and I want everyone wanting to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams to do so and succeed–but success will only come with realistic expectations.”

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