Weekly Mixtape For April 27th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: U.S. Existing-Home Sales Declined in March

The WSJ: U.S. New-Home Sales Rose in March

The WSJ: Homeownership Rate Drops for First Time in More Than Two Years

The WSJ: U.S. Economy Grew at 3.2% Rate in First Quarter

The WSJ: Uber Lowers Its Valuation Target

Think Advisor: SEC’s Reg BI Doesn’t ‘Raise the Bar’ Over FINRA’s Suitability Rule: Consumer Groups


Ashby Daniels: The Surprising Reality Of Financial Decision Making As We Age “Nobody likes to think about getting older. Even less so, nobody likes to think about the decline of their mental health. But the harsh truth is that as we get older, our cognitive abilities decline at some point. This is especially true with regard to personal finances.”

Brendan Mullooly: Your Financial Plan Is A Compass, Not A Map “The details of a financial plan will be in constant flux, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are lost. It simply means that we need to make adjustments and update the information.”

Morgan Housel: You Played Yourself “The most important part of this post is realizing that all of these things apply to you, not just other people.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Problem With Most Financial Advice “Why haven’t I written about my “secret”?  Because the “secret” is the thing in personal finance that no one wants to talk about: it’s easy to save money when you have a high income.”

Albert Bridge Capital: James Harden And Alpha “Advantage is only an advantage if others don’t have the same advantage. “

A Wealth Of Common Sense: How Hard Is It To Become A 401(k) Millionaire “The required returns to hit $1 million for someone who maxes out their 401(k) in their 30s is a fairly low hurdle rate. Wait to start saving until you’re in your late-40s or 50s and it’s much harder to get to seven figures.”

The Reformed Broker: Three Reasons You’re Never Satisfied “It’s called Baseline Happiness, which I’ve written about before. People adjust to their new reality, up or down, relatively quickly. It’s a survival mechanism that had been necessary for the species since our time on the Savannah.”

Douglas Boneparth: Earn The Right To Invest “Without first establishing a strong financial foundation, investing is nothing more than putting the cart before the horse. And just like a driver without a license has no business operating a vehicle, an individual with no financial foundation has no business investing a single dollar.”

NerdWallet: Are You Robbing Your Parents’ Retirement? (You might notice a familiar name)

The WSJ: Stunt Doubles Overrun ‘Avengers: Endgame’

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