Weekly Mixtape For August 23rd, 2020

Week In Review Articles

CNBC: U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Jump Back Above 1 Million

The WSJ: U.S. Jobless Claims Rose to 1.1 Million in Latest Week

The WSJ: S&P 500 Notches Longest Weekly Winning Streak of 2020

The WSJ: Cyclical Stocks Are Leading the Latest Leg of the Market’s Recovery

The WSJ: U.S.-China Trade Talks Delayed, Not Derailed

CNBC: July Home Sales Spike A Record 24.7% As Prices Set A New High

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: When The Magic Happens “A broader point that applies to everyone is that the biggest innovations rarely occur when everyone’s happy and safe, or when the future looks bright. They happen when people are a little panicked, worried, and when the consequences of not acting quickly are too painful to bear.”

Amyr Rocha Lima, CFP®: The WHY Must Come Before The HOW Or The WHAT “However, let the buyer beware: there is also the risk of getting stuck on the WHY for so long that the HOW and WHAT never actually happen. That’s even worse than not planning out the WHY in the first place! It’s much better to use a WHY plan to guide and adapt the HOW and the WHAT, even if it isn’t perfect.”

Of Dollars And Data: A Follower Is Not Follower “This is why only a small fraction of someone’s followers ever see their work.  Because the follower count isn’t actually about the who is actually looking at what you do.  It’s about stroking the creator’s ego while perpetuating the “followers are important” mythos to everyone else in the network.”

Stephanie McCullough: Uncertainty Our first video share!!

A Wealth Of Common. Sense: Statistics Are Bloodless Things “It’s great we’re back at all-time highs in the stock market. This is better than the alternative. I just hope the resilience of the stock market doesn’t lead to a sense of complacency among our elected officials. There are still millions of people whose lives have been disrupted through no fault of their own.”

Ashby Daniels: Rethinking Investment Risk In Retirement “Thinking of risk in terms of years before you may need to consider a retirement pay cut can add significantly more clarity to your retirement.”

Edward Robinson: Six Things You’re Doing Wrong When Buying Stocks on Your Own “It can be tempting to keep looking at the daily swings in your stocks’ prices, but if you do this every day, it spurs panicky trades and losses.”

Khe Hy: A Simple Habit To Let Luck Find You ‘If two people should know each other – and I know them both – then it’s my fundamental duty to connect them.”

Thomas Kopelman: 6 Signs It Is Time To Hire A Financial Advisor “The moral of the story is that if you have a major financial event occurring and are unsure what to do, reach out to a financial advisor for help. Don’t wait too long and make a mistake that could’ve been avoided.”

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