Weekly Mixtape For August 16th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Amid Pandemic, More U.S. Adults Say They Considered Suicide

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Waver as Retail Sales Growth Slows

The WSJ: Weekly Unemployment Claims Drop Below One Million for First Time Since March

The WSJ: U.S. July Retail Sales Rose 1.2% — Update

The WSJ: Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris As Running Mate

The WSJ: Tesla to Enact 5-for-1 Stock Split

The WSJ: Epic Games’ Founder Tim Sweeney Is Fighting Apple, Google. He’s Been Preparing For Years

Weekly Mixtape (Coming Sunday)

Morgan Housel: Expiring Vs. Permanent Skills “But permanent skills compound over time, which gives them quiet importance. “

Brandon Mackie: Take It Personally Because It Is YOUR Finances But, “Personal Finance” Does NOT Mean Go At It ALONE “Many investors who are wealthy today embraced the idea years ago that they needed help with their personal finances. They realized that finding and maintaining a partnership with a trusted professional would help them increase their wealth.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Hardest Investing Questions To Answer “Since nothing works all the time, you have to be willing to bet that the good times won’t last forever but neither will the bad times. “

Isaiah Douglass: Bitcoin And The Founding Fathers “Protecting your savings and purchasing power is essential. Bitcoin allows this to happen and is a compliment to the investment and savings assets that all Americans have. You can either come around to Bitcoin now or in the years to come. It is not too late; the Bitcoin movement is still getting warmed up.”

Brandon Zhang: 3 Mental Models For Mindful Productivity “Flow paralysis is when you lose agency in your life and begin to fall in an endless habitual loop. You are so lost within the momentum of daily progression, that you lose sight of the end goal. You fail to consider that you and the world are changing, while your actions stay the same.”

Barry Rithtoltz: Maybe Mr. Market Is Rational After All “On some level, it’s completely understandable why many people believe that markets are no longer tethered to reality because the performance doesn’t correspond to their personal experience, which is one of job loss, economic hardship and personal despair. But what’s important to understand is that indexes based on market-cap weighting are often driven by the gains of just a handful of companies. But one thing the market isn’t is irrational or disconnected from is the reality of market capitalization, and its impact on stock indexes.”

Tim Mullooly: Don’t Play The Victim “As much as people try to shift blame onto others for their misfortune, at the end of the day it’s on your shoulders to make your life better.  There can be people that help you along the way, but it’s ultimately your journey.”

Jason Zweig: This Fund Is Up 7,298% in 10 Years. You Don’t Want It. ‘Let me put all those numbers into plain English: Even a flat market—which, with inflation low, leaves other investors no worse off than they started—can eventually deal devastating losses to people who hold leveraged ETFs.’

Ashby Daniels:Is This The Last Hurrah For Bonds“For what it’s worth, people have been forecasting the end of the bond bull market since 2012 (maybe even earlier) and yet it has continued despite those predictions. But at some point, the bond party will come to an end.”

Thomas Kopelman: Wealthy vs. Rich “After reading this article, I realized that the greatest thing my parents ever taught me was not about saving. It was that being ‘wealthy’ is much more important than being ‘rich’”

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