Weekly Mixtape For August 9th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Jobless Claims Fell to 1.2 Million in Latest Week

The WSJ: Unemployment Rate Fell to 10.2% in July, U.S. Employers Added 1.8 Million Jobs

CNBC: Trump Threatens Executive Action If No Deal Is Reached In Coronavirus Stimulus Talks

CNBC: Trump Signs Orders Aimed At Extending Some Pandemic Relief After Congress Fails To Reach A Deal

The WSJ: SpaceX Capsule and NASA Crew Make Historic Splashdown


Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: What Always Changes “That’s how things go. Few bouts of big success – whether it’s a successful company or investment strategy – stay that way indefinitely, because the things that caused success have a tendency to push back in the other direction. The bigger the success, the truer this becomes.”

Russell Kroeger: The Freedom Paradox “Identifying the appropriate perspectives for your journey requires asking good questions. There are no right or wrong questions, but there are good and bad questions. Good questions begin with the end goal in mind. This is important because life is dynamic and what got us where we are is likely not the appropriate behavior to get us where our future-self wants to be. Renewed clarity will automatically filter our options.”

Carolyn Gowen: Eight Lessons I’m Still Learning “Always, always, always.  Tell clients (and others) the truth, not what they want to hear.  But do so with empathy and sensitivity”

Melissa Joy: Remembering Uncle Jack “Financial planning can never only care for your future self. Financial advice must also encourage a full life for the current you whenever possible. Pursue your passions. Live your dreams. All in a way that will not compromise your financial safety for the long-term.”

Jason Zweig: Do You Know the Difference Between Being Rich and Being Wealthy? “Wealth consists in caring less about what others think about you and more about using your money to control how you spend your time.”

Joy Lere: Counting the Cost: Mental Health and Money “It is not brand new information that financial fear can reach and rip deep into one’s psyche.  Rumination about former money regrets.  Fear about how to stay financially alive and afloat in the present.   Uncertainty about economic or employment future.  These are real, weighty money concerns that mentally bury many.”

The Irrelevant Investor: What’s Driving the Price of Gold? “It’s hard to say for sure what’s moving gold right now. I would say the cleanest story is the weakening dollar, but then again gold was rising long before the dollar started falling, so did gold buyers know something that dollar buyers didn’t? I guess it depends on whose story you’re listening to, but doesn’t it always.”

Per Diem: Why 1% Returns Are Better Than 30% Returns “When you own a diversified portfolio (US stocks, international stocks, bonds, etc), there’s always going to be something in there that is underperforming relative to everything else. You’re always going to hate a part of your portfolio. Remember, the point isn’t to select the highest performing asset (as that can backfire), it’s to provide the greatest consistency so your investments can compound over time.”

Ashby Daniels: Double Dip Recession Redux “In the short-term, all investing a gamble which is why I don’t believe anyone should invest money in the stock market that they may need in the near term. But human ingenuity and progress have a way of making pessimism look silly over the long-run.”

Albert Bridge Capital: A Different Game? ” Of course life is full of uncertainty, and there are many paths to success or failure (and a lot of luck involved), but if you are armed with “inversion” in your decision-making toolkit, you probably increase your odds of choosing the right path at the outset.”

The Long Game: 8 Steps To Set Up Your Family For Success “Your goals, income, and financial situation all make a big difference when determining what is best for your family. What’s most important is that you start planning early and stick with it!  Your family will thank you later.”

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