Weekly Mixtape For August 4th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Federal Reserve Holds Rates Steady, Says Economy Is Strong

The WSJ: July Hiring Slowdown Masks Labor Market Strength

The WSJ: U.S. Workers Get Biggest Pay Increase in Nearly a Decade

The WSJ: Treasury Plans to Boost Borrowing as Trillion-Dollar Deficits Loom

The WSJ: Apple’s Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion

The WSJ: Peloton’s Financing Round Values Stationary-Bike Maker at $4.15 Billion

Bloomberg: Fidelity’s No-Fee Funds Unleash the Power of Free


Morgan Housel: The Spectrum of Financial Dependence and Independence “But while almost everyone can adapt to their stuff, having control over your time through independence will always feel great when you have it and always be a miserable burden when you don’t.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The 3 Levels Of Wealth “Lifestyle inflation can be a killer if you’re not careful, no matter how much money you make”

Morgan Housel: Appealing Fictions “The only thing more dangerous than something you made up is something you think you discovered and have evidence for, but is still wrong.”

Of Dollars And Data: 4 Lessons From The Richest Woman In Wall Street History ” No matter how hard how you work, no matter how much you save, one day it will all end.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Willing Losers “One of the best investments you will ever make does not involve the markets but rather investing in yourself.”

Retirement Field Guide: IRA Mistakes Retirees Make

Per Diem: Quit Pretending “Your advisor isn’t any better at predicting the future than the next guy. Having that expectation is setting you up for some very disappointing client meetings. I’m sorry if some advisors have led you to believe they’re in control. They’re not. We all need to quit pretending.”

Jason Zweig via The WSJ: No One Needs Paper Piles; SEC Should Get Smart About Broker Disclosure “Regulators are trying to make it less confusing to learn what you need to know about your stockbroker or financial adviser. But that effort could create new confusion of its own.”

The Big Picture: A Trillion Dollars In 401(k)s “Winding up with $1 million in your 401(k) isn’t too hard — as long as you are willing to do the difficult things that need to be done to get there. Commitment, discipline and most of all, managing your own behavior is all that you need.”

Abnormal Returns: On The Value Of Being Proven Wrong “We humans so love to think we are right. When are proven incorrect we become defensive because our ego, or self-image, is threatened.”

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Esports And Gaming With Blake Street

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