Weekly Mixtape For December 20th, 2020


Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Joe Biden Officially Captures Enough Electoral Votes to Win Presidency

The WSJ: U.S. The Mass Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines Is Under Way. ‘Everything Has to Come Together.’

The WSJ: Moderna’s Covid-19 Vaccine Is Cleared for American Use

The WSJ: Virus Relief Bill Held Up by GOP Bid to Limit Fed’s Lending Powers

The WSJ: Fed Stress Tests Show U.S. Banks Can Withstand Covid-19 Pandemic

The WSJ: Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Files for Initial Public Offering

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Last Man Standing “Everything worthwhile in investing comes from compounding. Compounding is the whole secret sauce, the rocket fuel, that creates fortunes.”

Humble Dollar: Time Limited “My preoccupation with time and its dwindling supply has grown as I’ve grown older. I may be patient with my investments, but I’m not patient with much else. After 58 years of trial and error, I know how I want to spend my days—and what miseries I want to avoid.”

TJ van Gerven: Define What Financial Independence Means “The takeaway here is that you’re defining what financial independence means to you. That instead of working towards an arbitrary mathematical number, you’re working towards a sustainable lifestyle.”

TJ van Gerven: How I Think About And Manage My Personal Finances “Everyone’s personal finances start with understanding cash flow. You need to understand how much you’re spending and be able to review whenever you need to.”

Jeremy Finger: New Clubs, Old Habits, & 5 Lessons Learned “You can have the best investments, best plan, best financial planner, but YOU are the one who must execute”

Monevator: What’s Your Financial Origin Story? “I used the early hours of the morning to learn new skills. I did online courses. I force-fed myself audiobooks on key topics. I took up a side hustle that helped me learn more about digital media. “

Of Dollars And Data: The Best Ways To Organize Your Assets “I know how disappointing it can be to read 2,000 words on optimal asset location for me to end things with, “None of that matters if you like to rebalance,” but this is why investing is sometimes more art than science.  Nevertheless, I think it’s important to know the optimal solution to a problem even if you choose not to follow it.  Sometimes maximizing wealth isn’t the goal.”

The Irrelevant Investor: The Is Not The Way “Markets are efficient because nobody ever knows if prices are too high or too low in real-time. And real-time prices are all that matter. If you’re trying to profit off of this madness, then you’re better off going with the tide than fighting it. If you’re hell-bent on profiting off of a reversal, then you better get the timing right, to which I say good luck to you.’

Ashby Daniels: Time To Review Your Risk Management “Life changes inevitably happen, so the above items should be reviewed every couple of years to be sure everything stays up to date.”

Barron’s: How To Invest In Bitcoin

The Player‘s Tribune—God Shammgod: The Word Of God “I know that when I’m dead and gone, Shammgod will live on. My name will ring out in playgrounds all across the world because of my crossover. Thirty years from now, whenever somebody gets shook out they shoes, they’re not gonna be saying, “Oh shit, he hit him with the Frank!” Nah, nah, nah. It’ll always be, “He hit him with The Shammgod, son!!!!!!!!””

Thomas Kopelman: The Long Game Podcast–Alan Stein, Jr. – Using His Passions To Pave A New Path

All About Your Benjamins: Harvesting Gains

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