Weekly Mixtape For February 20th, 2022

“The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio.”

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Stocks End Lower As Ukraine Tensions Mount

The WSJ: Fed Officials Lean Against Expectations Of Half-Point Increase In March

The WSJ: Why Russian Invasion Peril Is Driving Oil Prices Near $100

The WSJ: Ottawa Police Tow Trucks, Arrest Freedom Convoy Protesters

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Six Questions For Derek Thompson “But in the “real world” after school, you realize how useless that part of education is. Knowing big words is neat. Occasionally using fancy latinate words can, ceteris paribus, optimize reader utility in a bounded informational environment. But basically smart people just want complex ideas made simple. And they respect people who can make the complicated simple while preserving nuance.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: How Do Stocks Perform When The Fed Raises Rates “This makes sense when you think about the reasons for the Fed raising rates. It typically occurs when the economy is overheating, speculation is running rampant or inflation is above trend.

Of Dollars and Data: How Do Investors Fail? “Similar to having too much concentration in your portfolio, making large all-or-nothing decisions with your investments is a recipe for disaster. Whether that means moving to 100% cash during a panic or going all-in on an asset that has recently collapsed in price, all-or-nothing decisions are usually very risky moves

A Wealth Of Common Sense: 4 Reasons Inflation Is So High Right Now “Everyone is miserable about inflation but we can’t help but pay higher prices because if there’s one thing we do really well in this country…it’s consumption.

Wealth Found Me: Fine Line Between Contentment And Ambition “Contentment is the person you see when you close your eyes, redoing things that have already happened but with a different outcome each time.

Dr. Joy Lere: Attached “Many people raised in emotionally healthy environments have gone on to experience trauma and hurt that has derailed them in some way. Relational experiences throughout our lives modify the firing in our hearts and minds. It is never too late to have corrective experiences and form new neural pathways. 

Dr. Phil Pearlman: The War On Attrition “This is the tortoise and hare thing. Gradualism is great.

Abnormal Returns: The Upside Of Creating Something Everyday “However the benefit in creating something has to little to do with the end result. Once we leave school the vast majority of us quit creating ‘art.’ However you want to define it.

Justincastelli.io: Why I’m Paying $200 For Donda 2

All About Your Benjamins: The Pursuit–Failure Is Not An Option

All About Your Benjamins: Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s Price

All About Your Benjamins: The Next Episode–The Kickoff

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