Weekly Mixtape For February 23rd, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Stocks, Bond Yields Drop on Worries About Coronavirus

The WSJ: Apple to Fall Short of Projected Revenue Due to Coronavirus

The WSJ: Fed Minutes Show Comfort With Economy, Rate Stance Last Month

The WSJ: Bernie Sanders Looks Ahead After Nevada Caucuses Win

The WSJ: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Stock Underperforms the Most Since 2009

The WSJ: Losing $450,000 in Three Days: Hackers Trick Victims Into Big Wire Transfers

Weekly Mixtape

Of Dollars And Data: Avoid The Zeros “While most people see the moral of the story as “don’t be overconfident” or “slow and steady wins the race,” I see it as a warning against terrible decision making.  After all, it is the hare’s bad decisions and not the tortoise’s good decisions that lead to the hare’s defeat.”

Morgan Housel: 100 Little Ideas “Emotional Contagion: One person’s emotions trigger the same emotions in other people, because evolution has selected for empathizing with those in your social group whose actions you rely on.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Biggest Problem In Finance “Not only do the top 10% own more financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, but they don’t have their entire fortune tied up in their home like many in the middle and lower classes.”

Retirement Field Guide: Rethinking Investment Risk In Retirement “While we inherently know that the monthly apocalypse du jour is a farce, as humans we need space to be able to deal with that mentally since we know that the storms of the market will come at some point – we just don’t know when. By reframing risk in terms of years, you may find increased confidence in your retirement plan as you ride out the next market downturn.”

Ramp Capital: I Don’t Know “It’s in our DNA to want to appear intelligent and display confidence in front of our friends, coworkers, family, or even strangers. However, sometimes we end up looking like the fool when we try to answer a question that we are clueless about.”

The Belle Curve: Do You Ever Wonder What It’s All About? “Money is a tool. For many, it is a safety net. It should be carefully maintained and preserved. But in the end, we cannot take it with us. The Egyptians tried, and their graves were robbed a millennia later. Let us find ways to spend it on a meaningful life.”

Per Diem: Bored Man Gets Paid “The Bored man is so bored with his investments, he actually thinks hobbies, family, friends and his community are more worth his time than watching the market news or trying to stay on top of it daily.”

Jason Zweig: What the E*Trade Deal Tells You About the New Investing Game “Firms no longer want to offer investment products from all sources. Instead, they want to milk their customers’ cash and manage all the assets themselves. Investors need to understand the rules of the new game.”

All About Your Benjamins: Berkshire’s Annual Letter–A Lesson In Setting Expectations

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