Weekly Mixtape For March 1, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Stocks Suffer Biggest Weekly Losses Since 2008

The WSJ: Federal Reserve Will ‘Act as Appropriate to Support Economy

The WSJ: Amazon Opens Cashierless Supermarket in Latest Push to Sell Food

Shoutout to my pal Michael Batnick For This Great Chart!!!

Weekly Mixtape

Pragmatic Capitalism: A Crisis is the Worst Time to Learn Your Risk Tolerance “The only other thing I can tell you during this strange time is this – turn off the TV. Stop feeding your brain with behavioral risk. Stop reading pundits who pretend to know exactly what the outcome will be. And position your portfolio so that you know you can stick with it even if a worst case scenario were to transpire.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Art Of Not Panicking “Diversification is a form of risk management in the investment decision-making process. It helps you live to see another day in the markets. It’s never too hot or too cold. And diversification can help you avoid panicking. When markets go to the extremes, as they are wont to do, holding extreme positions in your portfolio is a recipe for disaster.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Should I Sell My Stocks “The economy is driven by business fundamentals, but the stock market is driven by investors who are driven by fear and greed. This fear and greed pushes annual returns way above and way below the average. In fact, only 6 times in the last 94 years did we have an annual return that was even close to the average.”

Humble Dollar: Don’t Lose It “You can’t control the financial markets. They’re driven by news—and we simply don’t know what news we’ll get in the weeks and months ahead, whether it’s about the spread of the coronavirus, its impact on the global economy or something else entirely.”

Douglas Boneparth: Planning > Investing “I also know that money is just the mechanism that allows individuals to achieve their financial goals.”

Calibrating Capital: The Circles Of Being Known “I think my takeaway is just being aware of the paradox of truly being known vs our ability to affect how we are known, and how that impacts me and those around me. How much energy, time, and resources am I exerting trying to impact those on the outer circles, vs those on the inner circles? And how much weight do I give to the opinions of the people in varying circles of my life? “

Retirement Field Guide: Retirement Digest– The Wisdom Of Warren Buffett “Over time, the equity markets have produced fantastic gains, but even over the last twenty years, it has included two of the three largest declines in the history of the U.S. market. Maintaining a long-term perspective is critical to all equity investing.”

CNN: The Spread Of Coronavirus Couldn’t Have Come At A Worse Time For Corona Beer C’mon people!!


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