Weekly Mixtape For March 8th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Bonds Rally as Stocks Close Lower

The WSJ: U.S. Employers Added 273,000 Jobs in February; Jobless Rate Ticked Down to 3.5%

The WSJ: Mortgage Rates Hit Record Low, but Coronavirus May Deter Buyers

The WSJ: Oil Prices Plunge After Russia-Saudi Split

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Death, Taxes, and Three Other Inevitable Things “Booms and busts will never go away because people capable of causing a boom rise to the top and keep rising until they cause a bust. It’s always been that way, and always will be. As inevitable as death and taxes.’

The Irrelevant Investor: What Happened Last Week? “It’s scary when stocks go down a lot, it’s terrifying when stocks go down a lot and nobody knows why. Investors want order and they require reason, which is why you’ll never see a headline like “Stocks fell 3% today because millions of investors overestimated their tolerance for risk.”

Bps And Pieces: Pandemics, Portfolios, And Perspective “If you’re reading this, you’re probably a bit concerned. It’s okay, I am too. Our susceptibility to fear is the common thread we all share as investors. It doesn’t make you weird, it makes you human.’

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Advice Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated To Be Effective “Technological breakthroughs and a more modern economy pushed society forward by leaps and bounds but it was something as simple as washing your hands and keeping drinking water clean that finally increased life expectancy for the entire population.”

Albert Bridge Capital: Perspective “We can only answer the question about when or why the market was ahead or behind itself in hindsight.  Only after experiencing the ebbs and flows of market movements can we attempt to diagnose why markets did what they did.  And even then, we get that wrong half the time.  And tomorrow?  Well, forget about it.”

Retirement Field Guide: Your Portfolio Was Built For This “Returning to what I said above, if you have properly allocated your portfolio and have some percentage of your funds set aside to account for a couple/few/whatever years of income in more conservative assets, then what difference does it make what happens in a couple of weeks/months?”

Humble Dollar: Bad News “I understand the game. I’ve spent most of my career as a journalist, so I realize it’s no small undertaking to fill up a newspaper, the airwaves or a website every day. Daily market stories are not only reliable fodder, but also they grab readers’ attention. Still, couldn’t the media do just a little bit better?”

Khe Hy: How To Stop Saying Yes When You Want To Say No “When deciding whether to do something, if you feel anything less than “Wow! That would be amazing! Absolutely! Hell yeah!” — then say “no.”


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