Weekly Mixtape For February 2nd, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Dow Drops 600 Points on Global Growth Concerns

The WSJ: Brexit Is Done: The U.K. Has Left the European Union

The WSJ: U.S. Economy Heads Into 2020 With Steady Growth

The WSJ: Impeachment Winds Down With Whimper as Washington Moves On

Weekly Mixtape

Charlie Bilello: Having A Why To Live “Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. ‘We’ll focus on it tomorrow; there’s still plenty of time.’ And so the question remains, burning in the subconscious of our souls.”

Morgan Housel: Different Kinds Of Easy “When stocks are rising, everyone thinks they’ll be greedy when others are fearful. Then markets fall, and everyone realizes it’s easier to say you’ll be greedy than to actually do it. Maybe your clients lost faith in you and fled. Maybe your spouse begs you to staunch the bleeding. Maybe you lose faith in your own skills.”

Morgan Housel: Useful Laws Of The Land “Vierordt had no interest in business, as far as I know. But let me propose the investing version of his law: Compounding is hard because a bad month can feel longer than a good decade.”

The Irrelevant Investor: I’ll Never Sell “The best way to make sure you never sell out of fear is to never put yourself in that position in the first place. Think about the most you can stomach in terms of dollar losses, and then lower that number just to be safe.”

Douglas Boneparth: Recovery “Sadly, bad things happen around us all the time. It’s only human nature for them to cut you down and tear you apart. However, it’s also human nature to heal. Our bodies and minds want us to recover so that we can continue our life’s journey, fulfilling both our genetic and spiritual obligations.”

Of Dollars And Data: Why Market Timing Can Be So Appealing “The answer: Buying only at the absolute bottoms from 1970-2019 would outperform DCA by about 22% in total, or 0.4% (40 basis points) annually.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Putting The Next Market Downturn Into Perspective “Being a long-term investor means sometimes you have to eat excruciating losses which then require enormous rallies to make up for lost ground. It also means participating in enormous rallies with the understanding that markets inevitably give back some of those gains in big chunks.”

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