Weekly Mixtape For January 26th, 2019

No Week In Review video or articles this week; I didn’t find anything worth discussing, which isn’t a bad thing!!


Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Wealth Is What You Don’t Spend “he price of exercise isn’t just the workout; it’s avoiding the post-workout appetite. Same in finance. The price of building wealth isn’t just the trouble of earning money; it’s avoiding the post-earnings urge to spend what you’ve accumulated.”

Humble Dollar: Helping Them Along “When it comes to money, our children are likely to do what we do—and not what we say.”

Calibrating Capital: Gratitude In Abundance “I’m relatively convinced of something that I can’t necessarily prove. The more abundance we live in, the harder it is to be grateful. Which is kind of crazy when we think about it – the more we have, you’d think the more we have to be grateful for. I’m not sure that’s the case.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Preparing For Lower Returns “High returns probably won’t bail you out if you don’t have your financial affairs in order, but low returns are fine if you’re working with a margin of safety.”

Your Brain On Stocks: Redundancy Prevents Catastrophe “One of the big themes of NASA’s Apollo-era was that redundancy enhances safety. They learned to design systems that would function if one of the parachutes failed to operate as expected.”

Ashby Daniels: Clearing The Clutter “The list goes on, but in just the couple weeks since I purged the unnecessary, I’ve found myself significantly more focused and excited about work and life in general. The amount of “deep work” I am accomplishing is truly exhilarating.”

Bill Frezza: Build Your Own Intellectual Oasis “My objective was to collect a group of people, all known to me though not necessarily to each other, with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who I believed were capable of engaging in intelligent and well-informed civil discourse. “

Ramp Capital: Eight Things I Never Knew About Jack Dorsey“It was definitely a fun read and I would recommend it. In a way, it reminded me of The Accidental Billionaires. The chapters are very short which makes it easy to pick up and put down if you only have a few minutes to spare.”

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