Weekly Mixtape For February 6th, 2022

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Jobs Surged by 467,000 in January as Economy Weathered Omicron

The WSJ: Strong Jobs Report Points to Likely Fed Rate Rises in March and May

CNBC.com: European Central Bank Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged Despite Record

The WSJ: Amazon Breaks Record for One-Day Gain in Market Cap3

CNBC.com: More Than $320 Million Stolen In Latest Apparent Crypto Hack

CNBC.com: Fresh Inflation Data Could Fuel Further Market Volatility In The Week Ahead

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Fluke “So much of history is driven by chance, accident, and flukes. That’s true for the big stuff and the personal journeys.

Khe Hy: Should You Die With Zero “The concept is deceptively simple. If you die with > 0 in your bank account, you failed at fully optimizing your life.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Diversification Isn’t Undefeated But It Never Gets Blown Out “Of course, being diversified means you’re never going to be invested exclusively in the best-performing names either. You don’t win games by blow-out margins practicing diversification.”

Of Dollars And Data: Why Investing Like Your Neighbors Isn’t As Dumb As it Seems “Fortunately, copying your neighbors, like indexing, frees you from this mental prison. So when the market declines 30%, you don’t think of yourself as an idiot. It just’s bad luck, not something you did wrong.

Calibrating Capital: Hiding A Celebration Under A Bushel; Call To Live Unhurried “I probably have a whole book’s worth of hypotheses why we struggle to NOT be busy, or at least claim we’re busy. A lot of them boil down to the idea that we’re simply not comfortable with the resulting stillness that may lead to an examination of deeper parts of who we are as individuals. Staying busy keeps us distracted from the Deeper Things. 

Kyla Scanlon: The Polarization of Crypto Narrative “This makes sense. Most everyone is frustrated with the System, as the comments under Dan’s video and in various crypto discords highlight. There is increasing desire to be free from the 40-hours-a-week-9-to-5-jobforhealthcare-retirementplan-commute-30-minutes lifestyle. And crypto is inherently an answer to that – it’s people at least trying to disrupt a system and make it (on paper) more fair, more accessible, and to shift the power distribution.

Phil Pearlman: The War On Attrition “Perfection is poison and the people we see on television or Instagram who act like they’re perfect are actors. They’re just pretending.

All About Your Benjamins: The Brands Of All About Your Benjamins

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