Weekly Mixtape For January 19th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: John C. Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Group, Dies at 89

The WSJ: Stocks Climb As Fears of Economic Slowdown Subside

The WSJ: Germany’s Sharp Slowdown Fans Fears That China Woes Are Spreading

The WSJ: Netflix Raises Prices On All Of Its Subscription Plans


A Wealth Of Common Sense: Putting In The Reps “There’s no singular path to success in any endeavor so my advice to anyone looking to further themselves is to put in the reps, even when they seem meaningless.”

Morgan Housel: When It’s Time To Do Something “I consider myself a long-term investor. But a big enough news story could convince me to sell and do something else. It’d have to be a massive news story that changed my view on the economy. It’s a high bar. But it could happen.”

Of Dollars And Data: Beware Of The Gate Keeper “This is why confirmation bias is the most powerful bias in the world.   Because you are the biggest influence to your own beliefs.  You decide what ideas you let in and you decide what ideas you let stay inside your mind.  You are the gatekeeper.”

Douglas Boneparth: Patiently Waiting “However, learning patience with children can teach us a lot about having patience with investing. Good investors, like good parents, don’t give up after a few rough days, months or even years. They don’t abandon ship and start trading their portfolios when things don’t go as expected. They wait patiently for markets to appreciate. They stick with their strategy and take calculated risks when it’s both appropriate and affordable. They leverage time tested techniques like dollar-cost averaging and financial planning to keep their emotions from spilling over into their investment discipline.”

Fervent Finance: Careers And The Hedonic Treadmill “Would adding 20% to my income, a more prestigious job title, or work that is a little more interesting be welcomed? Of course, but I’m aware of the hedonic treadmill and know it’s most likely not possible to completely avoid it. I recognize that it is there, and hopefully, that will allow me to make the appropriate choices and not consistently seek external changes expecting improved internal results.”

Humble Dollar: Subtraction Mode “You can lose your car, house, and health. But memories of travel adventures and dinners with friends or family are among the last things that can be taken from you. Those types of life experiences can comfort you when you’re in your declining years. They remind you of the best parts of your life and why your life had meaning.”

BPS and Pieces: Multifactor Multiplicity “As multifactor funds continue to grow in popularity, knowing what you own and why you own it is key to sticking with a strategy through the inevitable ups and downs.”

Corey Hoffstein: Dart-Throwing Monkeys And Process Diversification “While a little bit of diversification can go a long way here in clipping outlier events, the dispersion can still far exceed a more diversified approach.”

All About Your Benjamins: Captain Jack

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