Captain Jack

We all have our own stories of how John Bogle impacted our investment beliefs, careers, and lives. As I read all of the tributes, some of which I’ve included below, I realized I was robbed of the opportunity to get to know Bogle early in my career because of the limitations on the investments I could use by my employers–Vanguard meant no commissions and that meant not an option. I mean, I knew who John Bogle was and the basics of what he stood for, but t wasn’t until I started my own firm that I had the opportunity to build my clients’ portfolios and understand the tradeoff between active and passive, low-cost and expensive, and the principles John Bogle preached.

Despite being late to the game when it comes to Bogle direct influence, I can find his imprint on my career when I look at those who have had the greatest influence on me as an advisor and investment professional. Since I don’t have any personal stories of meeting John (I’m jealous seeing all of the pictures of friends who have had a chance to meet him), and I can’t cite his direct influence on my path as an advisor, I don’t feel qualified to write a tribute.

John Bogle made a tremendous contribution to the investment community, but his impact on other people because of the man he was is what I will remember the most…not the fees saved or his investment philosophy, but his influence on so many people–you will see what I mean below. As I read these tributes I told my wife I hope when I leave this world, I can have a fraction of the impact on others that he did.

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