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Weekly Mixtape For January 3rd, 2021

The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio…

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Trump Signs Covid-19 Aid Bill Averting Government Shutdown

The WSJ: Five Investment Trends That Skyrocketed in 2020

The WSJ: Year Ends With Record-Setting Month in U.S. for Covid-19

The WSJ: The U.K. Has Finally Cut Ties With the EU. Here’s What Has Changed.

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Last Man Standing “And the most important point is that the best returns you can earn for the longest period of time are rarely the highest returns in any given year, or even decade.”

The Street: Two Ways to Align Your Money with Your Values “So, instead of focusing on money simply as a thing to accumulate, think about your money in terms of what it can do for you. Truly align your finances with your values by spending money on what you care about.”

The Reformed Broker: Happy New Year, Don’t Die If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re focused on allocating your assets, not choosing which debt to pay off and which bills to ignore. So you’d most likely take your own problems back out of the pile too. It could always be worse.”

Brian Plain: Reflecting On A Year Unlike Any Other “As we reflect back on our past year, focusing on impact – both negative and positive – can be particularly useful. Here are some specific questions around impact that can help.”

Michael Baker: Your Timing May Never Be Perfect…And That’s OK “For anyone that has not created a financial plan, the best thing you can do is START NOW. One lie we tell ourselves is that we’ll get our financial lives in order when we  (FILL IN THE BLANK). Then we become experts at moving our own cheese. Don’t expect your timing to be perfect because it most likely won’t be.”

Ryan Krueger: 4,000-To-1 Long Shot “Knowing the efficiency of all the investing approaches, analyzing the risk metrics of individual securities or funds, or even relying on some balanced allocation…all take a back seat to the WHO. Getting that part wrong can mess up the math in a hurry. Getting it right, and investing time to get it better, can provide the very best reason to Plan at all.”

Mr. Stingy: You Don’t Always Need The Best. What You Need Is Good Enough “I think so. I think the 90% is good enough for most people. Heck, the 90% will probably make you do better than most people.”

Of Dollars And Data: Running Out of Time Before Running Out of Money “That’s why my biggest takeaway from 2020 is that you can lose with a winning hand.  You can make all the right choices and still end up with a bad outcome. Not everything is in our control.  Yet, many of us save and invest as if it is.”

Anne Tergesen: Tiny Changes Can Help You Achieve Savings Goals for Retirement “Here’s a suggestion for those planning to make big changes in the new year: Consider making them small instead.”

Mark Suster: How I Lost 65 Pounds In 18 Months Without Any Fad Diets or Gimmicks “I made maintaining my weight a habit rather than chore. A way of life rather than a restriction.”

Outside Online: We’ve Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense. “Wellness—the kind that actually works—is simple: it’s about committing to basic practices, day in and day out, as individuals and communities.”

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