Weekly Mixtape For July 12th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: New Coronavirus Cases in U.S. Top 60,000 for Third Straight Day

The WSJ: U.S. Initial Unemployment Claims Edged Lower in Latest Week

The WSJ: File Your Taxes, Even if You Can’t Pay

The New York Times: Robinhood Has Lured Young Traders, Sometimes With Devastating Results

The WSJ: Disney World Reopens With Masks and Without Lines



Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Lots Of Things Happening At Once “And something that’s true but incomplete might be more dangerous than something that’s wrong, because a little truth is fuel for a lot of overconfidence.”

Of Dollars And Data: Regrets “And some of those choices won’t turn out the way you want them to.  Some of them will turn into regrets.  And that’s okay.  Because regrets are not something to be looked down upon.  Regrets are something to be cherished.  Regrets mean that you learned something.  Regrets mean that you won’t make the same mistake again.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Bear Market In Happiness “I’ve had more garbage time with my kids over the past few months than I could’ve imagined before the pandemic hit. At times it’s been a struggle trying to balance work and family but we’ve created so many memories this year through forced time together. I love the garbage time with my kids far more than the planned stuff that never works out as perfectly as you’d like.”

Humble Dollar: 15 Ways To Happy “Express gratitude. We often quickly adapt to material improvements, while also forgetting the fun experiences we’ve had. To counteract this tendency, we should pause occasionally to think about the friends and family who surround us, the possessions we’ve accumulated and the wonderful experiences we’ve enjoyed.”

Mitch Custenborder: To Be Honest… “The lack of clarity, lack of honesty and truth, is understandable.  If you concede that our minds are a big tangled ball of mush made up of genes, our past and present environments, and iteration upon iteration upon iteration of societal evolution – it’s no wonder clarity is hard to find.”

Joy Lere: Today Is Our Why “When another man dies so that you can continue to write your story–taste the sweetness of the kiss of your spouse, rock your babies, pin rank on your shoulders that he will never hold—it changes you.  It changes everything.”

Barry Ritholtz: What Is Driving Markets? “Say what you will about confirmation biases in finance, but all of us have the ability to cover a short and go long. We each change our portfolio allocations, we sell long held beloved companies. Buying and selling often reflect a change of perspective. The feedback loop in investing is very short — buy or sell something, and you usually know if you are right or wrong in a matter of days or weeks, if not hours.”

Money Maven: Is It Possible To Save Too Much Money? “If you made good financial decisions when you were younger like having a high savings rate, living below your means, driving your cars for a long time then the future is now. This is the time for what used to be the future you, now just you, to benefit from the decisions you made when you were younger.”

The Long Game: A Young Professional’s Financial Blueprint “Remember, this isn’t a perfect science. Your goals, how you feel about investing and debt, and your risk tolerance all matter when deciding how to go about handling your finances. But, don’t let time go by and do nothing. Start now and be purposeful with your planning! “

All About Your Benjamins: Goals, Mission, Purpose, And The Good Life

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