Weekly Mixtape For July 28th, 2019

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Economic Growth Slowed to 2.1% in Second Quarter

The WSJ: ECB Signals Rate Cut, Possible Stimulus Relaunch

The WSJ: Justice Department to Open Broad, New Antitrust Review of Big Tech Companies

CNBC: I May Have Banked Up To $125 By Filling Out This Equifax Claim In Seconds — What Are You Waiting For?

CNBC: The Fortnite World Cup has kicked off in New York City, and a $30 million prize pool is on the line



Steve Deppe:” Focus On Planning” Less, “Focus On Doing” More  “This is analogous to the entire financial planning process. It should begin with thoughtful conversations to identify our clients’ goals, and then develop a specific, measurable, and actionable plan that will give them a great chance at bringing their financial goals to life. But it’s important to keep in mind that Sam’s ability to transform his physique over the last 9 months was not a result of the plan he devised in November of 2018, as that plan by itself is entirely useless, but rather was the result of the execution of his plan over the last 9 months”

Of Dollars And Data: How Do You Plan For This? “In this tragedy I have come to realize that you can’t.  You can’t plan for this.  As the saying goes, “the future is promised to no one.”  You hear it every time something tragic happens.  You get this little reminder that, in this life, there are no absolutes.”

Calibrating Capital: Today Vs. Tomorrowland “The financial advice-giving industry borderline obsesses over planning for Tomorrow. But Tomorrowland can be a dangerous place to spend all your time, energy, and money if you’re neglecting Today.’

Tyrone Ross: When Change Means Being Pushed Into Your Destiny “Change is uncomfortable for sure, but unexpected change will test the depths of your character”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: $10,000 There is something to be said for becoming familiar with a company’s products and services before you invest in the stock. That’s one reason people likely feel so comfortable investing in Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and the like. We all know and use their products. But simply using a product is not always enough. There are plenty of great products and services that make life more efficient but turn out to be terrible stocks or businesses.”

Douglas Boneparth: FinMemes “Regardless of how you feel about memes, they are powerful conveyors of ideas, feelings, culture and, of course, humor. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a meme is worth at least ten thousand (unofficial estimate).”

All About Your Benjamins: Range Rover Or Ford Explorer W/ Roman & Leo


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