Financial Planning

Range Rover or Ford Explorer W/ Roman & Leo

Today Roman, Leo, and I had a quick discussion about Roman’s new obsession with Range Rovers…white with black trim and rims to be exact. While there is nothing wrong with driving an expensive car, the luxury doesn’t come without sacrifice, and I wanted to see if they would understand that having a more affordable car might allow them to DO more things and have more fun experiences.

I was proud of how they followed along and were interested in learning. Hopefully, this will help spark more conversations between parents and their children about money, The sooner we start discussing finances, the better off our children will be. The plan is to do more of these videos and eventually have it only be Roman and Leo, but for now, I’m going to hang on to my little boys and cherish the opportunity to hop in front of the camera with them.

You may not want to play this one for the kids–it’s the edited version, but still…bad financial lessons and not-so-clothed women 🙂


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