Weekly Mixtape For June 9th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Stocks Rally After Jobs Data, Closing Strong Week

The WSJ: Fed Begins Debate On Whether To Cut Rate As Soon As June

The WSJ: U.S., Mexico Reach Deal To Avoid Tariffs

The WSJ: Exercise-Bike Maker Peloton Files Confidentially For IPO

Weekly Mixtape:

Morgan Housel: Financial Advice For My New Daughter “The price of a busy career is time away from friends and family. The price of long-term market returns is uncertainty and volatility. The price of spoiling kids is their sheltered life. Everything worthwhile has a price, and most of those prices are hidden. They’re often worth paying, but never ignore that they are true costs.”

The Reformed Broker: Why I Don’t Wake Up To The News “You will meet zero investors who regularly buy and sell profitably on headline news. Zero. Not even one. It cannot be done. It’s a guaranteed money loser. Anyone who doesn’t know this yet will know it eventually, when they look back at their results and realize they’ve beclowned themselves. Unless they’re delusional or their chosen profession demands that they not learn this lesson for themselves.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Goldilocks Zone of Personal Finance  “Being at the bottom sucks.  I know the feeling.  Growing up as a small kid with no athletic abilities, I got used to getting picked last, or near last, for any team sport.  The experience was always stressful for me.” 

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Only A Good Idea In Hindsight “Google seems like an obvious home run with the benefit of hindsight but it wasn’t a foregone conclusion the company or the stock would be so successful. When I was in college we were forced to use search engines like Alta Vista, Yahoo! or AskJeeves.com when Google was still in its infancy.”

Your Brain On Stocks: Closing The Loop “Basically, our brain does not like unfinished business, which leads us to fixate. We desperately want to close the loop, and our brains are uncomfortable until we do so. It’s a bit like that feeling when you lose a sneeze.”

Calibrating Capital: The Island Of Knowledge And The Shore Of Ignorance “You would think that as our knowledge grows, we become less ignorant. And on an absolute basis, this is true. But with that increased knowledge we paradoxically become MORE aware of what we don’t know, things we didn’t even know we didn’t know.”

The New York Times: Meet the Money Whisperer to the Super-Rich N.B.A. Elite

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