Weekly Mixtape For March 27th, 2022

Fed Comments, Mortgage Rates Spike, Jobless Claims Down, Supreme Court Confirmation, Kobe Shoes

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Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Powell Says Fed Will Consider More-Aggressive Interest-Rate Increases to Reduce Inflation

The WSJ: Mortgage Rates Hit Fresh Three-Year High

The WSJ: U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 187,000, Lowest Level Since 1969

The WSJ: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings: What to Know

Nike: Nike Partners With the Bryant Family to Honor Kobe’s Legacy

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: How People Think “Most things are harder than they look and not as fun as they seem because the information we’re exposed to tends to be a highlight reel of what people want you to know about themselves to increase their own chances of success. It’s easiest to convince people that you’re special if they don’t know you well enough to see all the ways you’re not.

The Root Of All: The Art Of Money “Art and money share more similarities than we like to think. Money, like art, is a means of self-expression; it helps you turn the life you imagine into reality. They’re both deeply personal. There is no one right way to sculpt a Greek goddess or invest in stocks. Most of all, money offers a lot of insights into human behaviors and sensations. 

Darius Foroux: What To Do During A Recession-A Timeless Strategy “A recession is an ideal time to make a change. It could be switching careers, learning new skills, starting a new business, or moving to another division inside the company you work. What matters is that you stay alert and don’t let the recession happen to you.:

Dr. Joy Lere: The Last Time “We don’t always get to plan our endings. Loss often isn’t scheduled. Death never asks when you’re ready to part ways. Anyone who has had their ability to say goodbye to someone they love taken away knows this too well. When things are abruptly upended and left unfinished, it changes you.

Young Money by Jack Raines: Time Isn’t Money “So you derive a little less satisfaction from each additional dollar. Who cares, as long as you’re still gaining something, right? That’s where Father Time comes in. If you want to make that extra dollar, you probably have to give up some extra time. Money and happiness aren’t linear, but income and time are.

The Irrelevant Investor: A Special Birthday “I just had the best birthday of my life. As a lifelong Knicks fan, there haven’t been too many highlights over the years. Last night was one of them. I’ve been going to The Garden with my father for thirty years. Unfortunately, we can count on one, maybe two hands the number of memorable games we’ve been to together

Of Dollars And Data: When The Optimists Are Too Pessimistic “But if you can fight back against your default way of thinking, you might see things a bit differently. This is probably why I’ve become increasingly bullish on our future. Because I’m finally beginning to understand compounding. More importantly, I’m seeing it play out in my real life as well. I’m experiencing things that I only used to write about.

Our Tiny Rebellions: Music Is A Time Capsule “Music can make you cringe, cry, laugh, and smile. It travels across time. And sometimes, it makes sitting in the silence of the present strangely comfortable. My negative space today appreciates yesterday’s noise. It prepares me for tomorrow.

The PRST: ‘S’ Is For Self

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