Weekly Mixtape for March 31st, 2017


Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

Another week, another Kendrick Lamar release; I can’t wait for next Friday! Oh, and it’s also time for another one of my mixtapes.


We start off a little more philosophical than normal–I chalk it up to my daily meditation making me a deeper person. I couldn’t help but to think of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps when reading Cullen Roche’s post about what is “enough”. I kept hearing Shia Lebouf asking Josh Brolin what his “number” is–what is enough for him to walk away. “More” is such a sad answer, but Brolin sounds like such a badass saying it. I’ll be working on my list this weekend–you should too, and I promise it won’t be shallow like Brolin’s response.

Following Cullen’s post there are a few posts which will prove useful as you accumulate the wealth needed to reach your “enough”; props to Peter Lazaroff for making it on the list twice. I enjoyed getting the chance to meet him this past fall—he’s a smart dude! Make sure to give him a follow as he’s always putting out great content. The other two guys need no introduction.

And finally, a recycled post from my blog–soon I’ll be able to share some exciting news shedding light on why I chose this particulate post, which just so happens to be one of my most responded to posts.


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