Weekly Mixtape For March 6th, 2022

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Stocks Fall, Oil Again Tops $100 Amid Sanctions

The WSJ: Dow Declines to End Week as Russia, Ukraine Concerns Mount

The WSJ: Strong Hiring, Low Unemployment Point to Economy Making Post-Pandemic Pivot

The WSJ: Average Hourly Wages Rose By One Penny in February, Falling Behind Inflation

The WSJ: Fed’s Powell Says Ukraine War Creates Risks of Higher Inflation

Morgan Housel: Surprise, Shock, And Uncertainty “Complex things are always uncertain, uncertainty feels dangerous, and having an answer makes danger feel reduced. We want firm answers when things are the most uncertain, which is when firm answers don’t exist.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: There Is No Hedge For Everything “The good news is once you realize there are no perfect assets, you can begin to create a portfolio that takes into account the fact that nothing works always and forever in the markets.

Barry Ritholtz: War Impacts Stocks Less Than You Think “Although Wall Street has no shortage of professional commentators on geopolitics, it’s difficult to successfully trade on their forecasts. Markets often stumble on headlines, but soon after these wobbles, they tend to return to whatever the prior trends were.

Pragmatic Capitalism: Three Investing Lessons From The Russian Stock Market Collapse “We often talk about diversification in an allocation sense, but less so in a location sense or even an instrument sense. It’s crucial to understand that stocks from the USA aren’t the same as stocks from Europe or that bonds from the USA aren’t the same as bonds from Russia. Diversifying across locations is just as important as diversifying across asset classes.

Of Dollars And Data: Will The Optimist Triumph Again? “Despite the wars, depressions, and sicknesses of the last 100 years, we somehow pulled through. The optimists triumphed. As we face similar challenges in the days and years ahead, the question is: will the optimists triumph yet again?

Dr. Joe Lere: Insight & Action–Quieting Self-Criticism “We live in a noisy world, but perhaps the loudest sound you listen to is the voice inside your head. The way you speak to yourself will propel you forward or hold you back. Unfortunately, many people have an internal narrative that is a constant reel of self-attack. 

Dr. Phil Pearlman: The Two Worlds “I focus most of my energy on the world inside and around me. This doesn’t mean I’m totally oblivious to the world out there but it does mean limiting my own exposure to it.

All About Your Benjamins: The Pursuit–Onramp’s Purpose In My Pursuit

Another PRST Short: A Young Man And His Ball

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