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Onramp’s Purpose In My Pursuit | The Pursuit

I’ve been hinting at slowing down, freeing up my schedule, having more experiences with Ang and the boys, taking better care of myself, and spending more time exploring my creative interests. I’ve told you I’d be able to share more about it and now is that time. I stepped down at Onramp Invest on February 28th–it was a decision that was made last year and had been a work in progress. Some recent changes at Onramp, which I will not be discussing in this episode (sorry no inside stories here) just sped up my departure by a few weeks.

In this episode I discuss how this manifestation to bring my ideal day actually started a couple of years ago with some personal planning I was doing with a mentor of mine. I didn’t realize then what I was setting into motion and as I realized what I wanted, the Universe brought it to me much sooner than I anticipated.

I also touch on a tweet from Dr. Rhoiney (a past guest) that had me thinking about how do I want to be remembered as a father–something having more time in my life should allow me to accomplish. You’ll also catch me uncovering something very important in real time at the end of the episode–pretty special if you as me.

Ok, enough reading…let’s get to The Pursuit.

Onramp’s Purpose In My Pursuit | The Pursuit

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