The Pursuit


It’s been a few years now, actually probably closer to five, since I started talking about aligning values and dollars–I didn’t coin the phrase. My friend Scott Frank first introduced me to the concept and then turned me on to George Kinder and life planning.

I immediately identified with the concept of life planning and trying to help clients identify what they valued the most and to dig deeper with their goals. I was already trying to do that with clients when Scott brought the intentional planning Kinder preached but I didn’t realize I was doing something unique.

As I’ve evolved as an advisor and now entrepreneur, I’ve recently become obsessed with taking life planning to the next level. Rather than just align dollars and values, what if we put values and passions at the center of the financial plan?

This has been a growing topic of discussion, thought, and meditation for me and it has evolved into a show on All About Your Benjamins (The Pursuit), the beginning of a lifestyle brand PRST, and a soon-to-be here email newsletter.

As my desire to help others identify, prioritize, and financially incorporate their passions into their lives intensifies, I believe it needs more room to grow.

The Friday episodes of The Pursuit has grown to be one of my favorite AND most well received forms of content. My recent exploration into filmmaking with the PRST shorts has been exciting and something I want to do more of–highlighting how people are making room for their passions in the lives is becoming one of my own passions. It’s time to give them both, along with other forms of content a new home…

Introducing PRST

That new home is PRST (pronounced pursuit).

The PRST brand consists of the lifestyle brand (currently sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats), podcast with three shows, and a new YouTube channel. As I mentioned above, I’ll also be writing a newsletter but I’m still finalizing what I want that newsletter to look like.

The new podcast, called PRST, will have a 5-7 minute daily show Monday-Thursday called The Daily PRST, the usual Friday show The PRST, and a periodic show where I will interview others about their Pursuits called On Our PRST.

The YouTube channel will be home to the video versions of The PRST and On Our PRST in addition to the PRST Shorts and a curated playlist of videos I feel will help you along your Pursuit.

I’ve got more planned for PRST and it will be manifesting itself over time. However, instead of talking about what I’ll be building and what to expect, I’m going to put my head down and create–podcasts, videos, and more to help more people find their way to their passions.

The last six and a half years have been filled with experimentation, pivots, and learning and it has all been for a greater purpose–PRST.

Back To The OG All About Your Benjamins

As I shift almost all things passion related to PRST, All About Your Benjamins is going to go back to where it started–a personal finance blog. I will continue with the Weekly Mixtape and Week In Review, will be bringing back a monthly interview centered around financial planning, continuing The Next Episode show with my dad, and writing whenever I feel I have something relevant to add to the financial blogosphere. As I continue to serve my clients at RLS Wealth, hang out with my family in The AGC™, and maintain my place in the financial advisor community, All About Your Benjamins will remain an important part of who I am and my continued growth as a financial advisor.

I recently shared on the final episode of The Pursuit (PRST) on All About Your Benjamins that I made some major changes to my professional life to allow myself to slow down, spend more time with my family and on my self, and to have more time to create. I was talking to a friend today and shared that I’ve learned I’m not a “builder”. I’m a creator–at this phase of my life, and maybe forever, I don’t want to build a massive company. I want to create and allow my creating to bring whatever is meant to be.

I’m excited to have a new space to share more of my thoughts and to get back to the original purpose of All About Your Benjamins.

If you’ve enjoyed the conversations and content centered around how to approach your Pursuit be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and podcast. When the email newsletter is ready there will be plenty of notice on those platforms.

As Silas says at the end of The PRST intros, “let’s get to the PRST.”

Disclaimer: Nothing on this blog should be considered advice, or recommendations. If you have questions pertaining your individual situation you should consult your financial advisor. For all of the disclaimers, please see my disclaimers page.