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Designing Life with Carl Paoli | On Our PRST Podcast

This conversation with Carl Paoli is the perfect sendoff for The Pursuit–going forward The Pursuit can be found on it’s own podcast channel, PRST. Carl is a legend in the CrossFit community and although I’ve moved on from being a crazy CrossFit junkie, I’ve continued to follow him. Recently I noticed more of his content talking about mindset, designing life, and other themes that complement what we discuss on the PRST.

Tune in as we discuss the importance of exploring in life, how he helps people assign meeting to new spaces people have felt, his work as a coach helping individuals obtain autonomy, and more. I could have talked with Carl for hours and I’m already working on manifesting a trip to San Francisco to hang with him in person and even shoot a PRST short with him as the subject. Until that trip happens, I’ll be joining his May Interface Experience and Insider Circle.

Be sure to give Carl a follow and if what he says resonates with you, then you should check out his community and courses.

Let’s get to The Pursuit…

Designing Life With Carl Paoli | On Our PRST

I’ve known who Carl is for years thanks to his presence in the CrossFit community. However, it wasn’t until recently when I started seeing his social media c…

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