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Dealing With Rising Costs On Fox 59

Angela Answers: how to ease inflation pressure

Gas prices hit a new high, food prices continue inching up and inflation is going to be here for awhile. Don’t panic, we have a plan! Justin Castelli is a fi…

This morning I had the opportunity to visit the Fox 59 studios and sit down with Angela Ganote to discuss how we can deal with the rising costs we’ve been seeing and the expectation that they will continue to rise.

When I see people feeling anxious or stressed about money, I always encourage them to do a couple of things.

  • Go back to the basics.
  • Focus on the things we can control.

In this segment we discuss how to revisit your budget with purpose, why it might be necessary to scale back on savings (for the short term), and how turning a passion or hobby into a small business might be the answer to bringing in more income.

My goal is to keep the recommendations and suggestions real…not the text book answers most financial advisors give that aren’t practical. And as Angela highlights at the end of the segment, having a plan is always important to dealing with your finances.

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I love the thrill of being on live TV, so be sure to give this video tons of love so I hopefully can get an invite back to the studio in the future!!!

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