Weekly Mixtape For November 17th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Global Economy Shows Strain As U.S. Steams Ahead

The WSJ: Saudi Arabia, Others Inch Closer To Oil Output-Cut Pact

The WSJ: Inflation Jumps, But Is Likely To Slow

The WSJ:  Amazon Announces HQ2 Winners


A Wealth Of Common Sense: What If Your Retire At A Stock Market Peak? “Retiring just before a stock market peak could be ruinous to your financial health but it doesn’t have to be.”

Morgan Housel: How This All Happened “But a central theme of this story is that expectations move slower than reality on the ground. That was true when people clung to 1950s expectations as the economy changed over the next 35 years. And even if a middle-class boom began today, expectations that the odds are stacked against everyone but those at the top may stick around.”

Fervent Finance: There Is No One Size Fits All “General financial advice given in a blog post or newspaper article cannot be blindly applied to one’s situation.”

Ashby Daniels: Best Interests Is Not Black And White “Best interest, whether we like it or not, is at least to a degree in the eye of the beholder.  And the beholder is both the advisor and the client.”

The Reformed Broker: My Favorite Tax ” I think of them like taxes, doing my part as a citizen to support the free press that holds the nation’s leaders accountable to us.”

The Belle Curve: Mine “But most of the time, it makes sense to do nothing and ride it out, especially if you have a properly allocated and diversified portfolio.”

Barry Ritholtz: What’s Missing From Buy & Hold Critiques “I have learned since then that the average person lacks the ability to stand aside from the crowd and not be influenced by the mania. It is much harder to pull the trigger on that contrary buy trade than you imagine.”

RLS Wealth Management: Is Your Financial Advisor Doing A Good Job?

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Private Equity And Impact Investing With Wes Lyons, CFP®

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