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Talkin’ Shop: Mike Philbrick And The Importance Of Fitness And Nutrition

If you’re a reader/listener/viewer of All About Your Benjamins you probably have a good grasp of your financial planning or are at least in the process of getting it in good shape–while you continue to do this, don’t forget to keep yourself in good shape. There are many reasons to focus on eating healthy and being in good physical shape.

  • Lower current medical expenses (more money to be saved for the future)
  • Lower future medical expenses (less money needed in retirement for medical expenses)
  • Better opportunity for higher quality of life for longer
  • Better productivity
  • Just overall feel better

My friend Mike Philbrick, President of Resolve Asset Management, joined me to talk about the role fitness and nutrition play in his life and why everyone should spend time thinking about and doing more to improve their health. Mike had a 12-year career in the Canadian Football League, is CrossFit Level 1 certified, and his wife is a personal trainer–it’s safe to say he knows a little on the subject.

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