Weekly Mixtape for October 11th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Mike Pence, Kamala Harris Clash on Combating Coronavirus at Vice Presidential Debate

The WSJ: White House Draws Up New $1.8 Trillion Virus-Relief Proposal

The WSJ: Stimulus Talks Resume, but a Deal Remains Elusive

The WSJ: Microsoft Will Let Some Staff Work From Home Routinely Post-Pandemic

The WSJ: Stocks Close Higher to Finish Best Week in Three Months


Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Accountable To Darwin vs. Accountable To Newton “Reversion to the mean is a powerful force and you should expect most things that are disconnected from their long-term averages to find their way back in due time.”

Bob Seawright: The Better Letter–Rhyming To Set Music Justin Here: I highly recommend subscribing to Bob’s email–The Better Letter is always a great read!

Jeff Chapman: Easy Money “After the game, my Dad sat me down and said that he was glad that I didn’t win. He hoped my first foray into investing of any sort, be it sports wagering or the stock market, was a loser. That way, he insisted, I would not be lured into a false sense that any kind of investing was easy.”

Of Dollars And Data: No, This Isn’t A Repeat Of The Dot-Com Bubble “While it is always useful to remain cautious as an investor, it’s also important to look at the concrete data and come to a more analytical conclusion about how today’s market trends compare to the dot-com crash. And that data show that valuations are lower than they were in the late 1990s and that the valuations of today coincide with historically low bond yields. These two facts taken together suggest a market that has far less froth than the one of over two decades prior.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The 7 Things That Matter For Markets Going Forward The biggest risk for bond investors is not necessarily rising interest rates. Rising rates would be a good thing for bond investors eventually because those higher yields would translate into higher returns in the future. The biggest risk for bond investors is higher inflation because it erodes the value of your future fixed-income payments.”

Khe Hy: Slack Notifications On Your Feet? (I’ll Pass) Now you may be reading this exhausted by the rules, frameworks and policies. Maybe you’re wondering, why don’t I just send the damn Slack message and call it a day. Because it’s not working. People are burnt out. They’re overwhelmed. And they deserve better.”

Thomas Kopelman: Types Of Savings Accounts “As you try to determine what is the best option for you, look for low/no fees, a competitive interest rate, liquidity, as well as FDIC insurance to back the account. As long as you do that, you are in a good spot, but make sure to earn some interest on your hard earned money so you don’t lose purchasing power due to inflation.”

All About Your Benjamins: The AGC Turns 1

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Rob Petrozzo–Rally Rd. And Access To The Formerly Unaccessible

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