Weekly Mixtape For October 18th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Jobless Claims Rose to 898,000 Last Week

The WSJ: With Fewer Covid-19 Restrictions, South’s Economy Outperforms Nation

The WSJ: Long Lines, Early Ballots, New Polls All Point to Heavy Voter Turnout

The WSJ: Pfizer Could Apply for Emergency Use of Covid-19 Vaccine by Late November

The WSJ: Apple Reveals Four iPhone 12 Models, Heralding ‘New Era’ for 5G Technology

The WSJ: Tab, Coca-Cola’s Diet-Soda Pioneer and a ’70s Icon, Is Going Away

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan House: The Advantage Of Being A Little Underemployed “It’s not about working less. It’s the opposite: A lot of knowledge jobs basically never stop, and without structuring time to think and be curious you wind up less efficient during the hours that are devoted to sitting at your desk cranking out work.” Note: This is an old post that popped up on my feed.

Christine Benz: What the Coronavirus Means for the Future of Financial Planning “In addition to wreaking havoc on the economy at large, the pandemic has had sudden and significant repercussions for how individuals conduct their financial planning—specifically, how they approach spending and saving goals.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Similarities Between Shane Battier and John Maynard Keynes “Far too often people judge decisions exclusively on the outcome, not the process that went into the decision in the first place. Even when you put the odds in your favor, you’re not always going to like the outcome.”

The Belle Curve: The Fallacy of Perfection ” Perfection is a mirage. You don’t need it to succeed in investing. Perfection is a dangerous fallacy.”

Pragmatic Capitalism: Three Things I Think I Think – Cycles, Hunting Biden and Hacking Life “My working thesis for the last 6 months has been that this decline isn’t a “cycle” resulting from a boom. It’s just an exogenous shock. Said differently, the boom didn’t cause the bust. The bust occurred because of an exogenous event.”

Anna N’Jie-Konte: What Do I Want? “It makes me want to cry and scream every time a woman is living someone else’s blueprint for her life and not actually going after her dream life. It also motivates me to keep pushing my message that financial empowerment, especially for women of color, is exactly the path forward for women of color.”

Robin Powell: No Need To Guess “No plan will be perfect. It can never encompass every risk. Outlier events can always occur. But risk can be managed, at least up to a point, and there are strategies to help us deal with events that no one saw coming, such as a financial crisis, a geopolitical event or a pandemic.”

The Retirement Field Guide: The Enduring Reason For Optimism ” Faith in the future is a prerequisite for successful investing. I, for one, will bet that in the long run, future generations will want better for their children than exists today. It’s not a novel reason, but that doesn’t make it any less true.”

Thomas Kopelman: Investing Is Not Gambling ” In gambling, there is a winner and a loser every time, and the odds are always in the house’s favor. This means you are taking on a massive amount of risk simply by playing the game. When you gamble, you are hoping to be a part of the tiny percentage of people who actually beat the odds. In a game that is mostly based on luck, just ‘hoping’ isn’t enough.”

Thomas Kopelman: The Long Game Podcast–Justin Castelli

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