Weekly Mixtape For October 27th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: U.S. Economy Grew at 3.5% Rate in Third Quarter

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Slump on Tech Worries


A Wealth Of Common Sense: Martin Short’s Nine Categories For Self Evaluation “Money and career are important but they’re not everything.”

The Irrelevant Investor: All You Need To Do To Finish Rich ” I’m all for finding ways to save more money, but if you can’t control the big costs, the small ones won’t matter.”

I Heart Wall Street: The Asset Of Time Hacking “These are my daily goals: spend less than two hours a day on email, less than an hour a day on distracting things, make sure I’m productive on my “bicycle” for at least four hours a day.”

Morgan Housel: Humble Exits “Leaving on top is, I think, something all of us aspire to, in one form or another. But it’s hard because those who make it to the top tend to be grinders, optimists, relentlessly dedicated to what they do.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: When Stocks Fell 10% “Intelligent investors bake these scenarios into their investment plan and prepare for them in advance. No matter the path stocks take from here, if you don’t have a plan in place about how to react no matter the outcome, now would be a good time to formulate one.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Higher Highs And Lower Lows “We might know, or think we know, that stocks are biased upwards, but the market does a good job of making you work for those long-term returns. The long-term is a series of short-terms, and that’s where life is lived.”

Of Dollars And Data: A Change In Perspective “You shouldn’t just follow the crowd if their choices aren’t compatible with who you are.”

The Reformed Broker: And Now…A Reality Check “Even if you love Trump and are only a little bit interested in whether or not something is a lie or the truth, you have to admit (if only to yourself) that the lies about the economy have become enormous and completely untethered from reality.”

The Player’s Tribune: What The Hell Happened To Darius Miles?

The WSJ: Americans Are Divided–About Candy Corn

All About Your Benjamins: Josh Brown And Michael Batnick “Bear Markets Suck”

All About Your Benjamins: Talkin’ Shop With Adam Cmejla

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: A Deeper Dive Into Fintech With Ian Rosen



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