Weekly Mixtape For October 3rd, 2021

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Bill Averting Government Shutdown Signed Into Law

The WSJ: Consumers Ramped Up Spending in August as Inflation Remained Elevated

The WSJ: U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rises in Late September, Depressed Optimism Continues — University of Michigan

The WSJ: Elizabeth Warren Says She Will Vote Against Second Term for Fed’s Jerome Powell

The WSJ: Covid-19 Deaths in U.S. Level Off as Delta Variant Surge Eases

Morgan Housel: Dangerous Feelings “You see it all the time in so many industries. Veterans fall behind the younger generation because if veterans admitted that they had to adapt to what the younger generation is doing they’d feel like the hard work they put over their career was for nothing.”

Indeedably: Momentous She shared an epiphany with me. One that once seen, could never be unseen: people don’t change, but they can make changes. Waiting and hoping for a boss or business partner or spouse to be more like one thing or less like another was a fools’ errand. Endlessly repeating the same behaviours while seeking a different outcome was a recipe for a lifetime of disappointment. The stuff of insanity, not sound decision making. The past is a sunk cost. Informing the future, but not determining it.”

Humble Dollar: CDs and Cemeteries “By contrast, everybody can predict where our life’s journey will end. Hopefully, we can all do our best to learn and study, so we get there with as much peace and preparation as possible.”

Packy McCormick: Existential Optimism “But there comes a point in every story when those who were fighting to gain power gain it, and need to begin the hard work of ruling. When they’re no longer the underdog, but the ones in charge. My guess is that existentialism is going to make a comeback as people realize that self-sovereignty is a double-edged sword.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: This Market Makes No Sense “A mix of speculative and conservative behavior from investors makes this a difficult market to handicap. Certain parts of the markets feel frothy. Other parts of the market seem to counteract this froth.”

Pragmatic Capitalism: The Zoom Climb Glide Path & Why the Age in Bonds Rule is Wrong “In essence, the goal is to create a shelter of protection that increases portfolio certainty during the specific period in your life when uncertainty will be at its greatest. Importantly, it increases average risk across time by being more aggressive during the periods when you likely don’t need as much near-term certainty. This should boost total returns on average and increase positive outcome probabilities of retirement funding needs.”

Abnormal Returns: Lived Experiences Affect How We Feel About Money “Life is difficult. Money is hard. You have a lifetime of experiences pushing and pulling you different directions. Don’t fool yourself thinking you have it all figured out.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Broken Clock “Because most people don’t care about the objective truth, they just want an answer. Any answer will do. And the more confidently you can provide that answer, the better.”

A Teachable Moment: Shrinkage Doesn’t Belong In Your Retirement Plan “Loneliness is partially due to the age-related deaths of friends and family.”

Kat Cole: Find The Friction “I’ve learned to question success more than failure (so I actually duplicate the right things and don’t blindly duplicate things that had little to do with our success or where our wins may have even happened despite them). This is where building mindsets to find friction (and opportunity) is incredibly helpful. You uncover things before they become massive issues, long-missed opportunities, or costly for culture and business outcomes.”


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