Weekly Mixtape For September 15th, 2018

No Week In Review Video This Week: Early Morning Soccer and Celebrating Our 12th Wedding Anniversary.


A Wealth Of Common Sense: Wage Growth vs. The Stock Market “It’s important to remember that the economic backdrop definitely plays a role in what happens in the stock market, but you can’t discount the risk appetite of investors.”

Morgan Housel: Long-Term News “The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 48 points on Tuesday. Greg Jones, an analyst at Merrill Lynch, expected that no one would care about that useless, vapid, fact by tomorrow.”

Jamie Catherwood: Bottom-Up, Fundamental Speculators “Today, it is inevitable that there will be a correction in the cannabis industry. Instead of requiring regulation to curb speculation, the market will punish speculators itself, when the sky-high valuations fail to hold up against investor’s scrutiny.”

Of Dollars and Data: Nothing Into Something “So when you consider what you want to accomplish in life, don’t forget that in order to build a great business, family, product, brand, community, or movement it will take longer than you think.”

Charlie Bilello: Diversification And The Fear Of Missing Out “Which is why we diversify in the first place: to protect ourselves from the unknowable future and the visceral responses we all have to volatility/drawdowns.”

Ashby Daniels: The Role Of Bonds In Retirement “Striking the proper balance between stocks and bonds is where the rubber meets the road for true retirement planning, as every retiree’s situation is different.”

Barry Ritholtz: Crimes Were Committed “How can one look at all of this evidence and conclude no crimes were committed? It is impossible for any credible analyst or reporter to consider this mountain of evidence and walk away and say “Meh! Nothing here.”

Howard Lindzon: What’s Your Edge? “If you don’t have an edge you are someone else’s edge!’

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