Weekly Mixtape For September 22nd, 2019

Week In Review Articles

WSJ: Fed Cuts Rates by Quarter Point but Faces Growing Split

WSJ: U.S. Tells Saudi Arabia Oil Attacks Were Launched From Iran

WSJ: U.S. Sanctions Iran’s Central Bank, Says It Will Send Military Forces to Saudi Arabia

WSJ: Fed Mulls Lessons of Money-Market Spike After Curbing Volatility

WSJ: U.S. Home Sales Inch Up, Raising Hopes That Slump Is Easing

CNBC.com: US Weekly Jobless Claims Rise Less Than Expected


Retirement Field Guide: Life’s Curveballs “No matter how tough things can sometimes get, we cannot always understand why life throws at us whatever it decides to throw at us. We just have to roll with the punches and hope we have the fortitude to keep standing up again. Life is sad sometimes and sometimes it flat-out sucks.”

Morgan Housel: Fat, Happy, And In Over Your Head The idea of having “enough” might look like conservatism, leaving opportunity and potential on the table. I don’t think that’s right. “Enough” is realizing that the opposite – an insatiable appetite for more – will push you to the point of regret.”

Bob Seawright: Go For It Whatever decision a coach makes on fourth down, whether it’s supported by the odds or not, it could backfire. It’s safer for coaches to be on the wrong side of a choice if they align themselves with convention.” But, of course, safety entails great risks of its own, as Kliff Kingsbury demonstrates.”

Calibrating Capital: What’s Getting The Best Of You “We all have finite time, finite money, and finite energy. Let’s put in the work to make sure that we’re using each of them to give the very best of us to those that we want to receive it. Money, after all is a tool – let’s use it wisely.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Can We Talk Ourselves Into A Recession? “There was an entire generation of people scarred by the Great Depression which impacted how they thought about money, markets, and financial security. Others have been using the 1970s inflationary playbook ever since.”

A Teachable Moment: Financial Markets Are Made Of Events, Not Things The key to understanding financial markets is grasping the fact that they’re also events, not things. Markets are simply a network of long events. Some good, others not so much.”

Jason Zweig: How We Should Bust An Investing Myth “A few investors with oceans of capital, great connections and superb analytical skills may be able to pick the winners in private markets. Most others, large and small, shouldn’t feel as if they’re missing out on a sure way to strike it rich.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Cost Of Waiting “This is why dollar-cost averaging in this context makes absolutely no sense.  Because even an extremely conservative portfolio invested immediately will likely outperform DCA.  So, if you need to invest lots of money now, but are afraid of possible short-term losses, then ratchet down the risk in your portfolio and put your money to work.”

The Irrelevant Investor: A Behavioral Prescription “It’s hard to see headlines like this and not act on them. We know now that our worst fears did not come to pass, but there was no way to know at the time that each and every one of these pullbacks would resolve themselves to the upside”

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