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The Advisor Growth Community™ Beta Group Hits Capacity

The last month and 20-ish day have been a blur, and that’s not even including Wealth/Stack.

I checked my calendar and the first time Taylor Schulte and I discussed the idea of The Advisor Growth Community™was August 1st. The conversation started with me pitching Taylor on the idea of a newsletter for financial advisors and he responded with, “what do you think about a community?” As soon as he finished saying “community” I was in–the idea of building a community of like-minded financial advisors immediately hooked me.

I’ve enjoyed building my personal network of financial advisors, investment professionals, and other FinTwit friends over the last few years, and at the time of our initial conversation, I was laying the groundwork to refocus RLS Wealth Management’s growth on working with entrepreneurs and eventually creating a, yup you guessed it, COMMUNITY for my future entrepreneur clients. I’ll save you the details of that community since I’ve put that on the back burner…maybe one day I’ll bring it. I was happy to change my focus from building one community to another, and if I’m being honest, a community of financial advisors made more sense for me anyway–I’ve had hundreds of conversations (and want to continue this) with financial advisors over the last couple of years. Financial advisors are my people.

By the end of August, we had over 600 advisors on our email list and before we opened registration for the AGC™ to the public, we gave our loyal email subscribers an early pass to sign up. Before the weekend was over, within 72 hours, our 50 advisor beta group was full…the public didn’t even get a chance at getting in.

The AGC™ doesn’t officially kick off until October 1st; September was supposed to be a month to get familiar with the infrastructure of the group and get profiles set up…but this Community did not want to wait to get started. The feed within Mighty Networks (the platform hosting the AGC™) is already flowing with conversations, collaboration, sharing of documents and best practices, and friendships being formed. We’ve had group meetups at FinCon, XYPN Live, and Wealth/Stack. If this is the quiet month, I can’t wait to see how the Community interacts once we get going.


If you missed out on the beta enrollment don’t worry. We’ll be opening enrollment again in January, and if you want to have the opportunity to sign up early, you can join the email list to get updates on what’s going on, catch a little FOMO, and have the opportunity to sign up before those not on the email list. We’ve got an exciting and busy few months planned…

We’ve already announced Rory Sutherland’s private webinar in December, and we’re also excited to have Khe Hy kicking off our guest speaker series in October. We also have two dynamic women who will be joining us, but we have to keep that under wraps for now until we get all of the ‘t’s’ crossed and ‘i’s’ dotted…I personally cannot wait to share who they are.

I can speak for Taylor when I say that we are beyond excited about the advisors in the AGC™and we are looking forward to learning alongside them all; this isn’t a community built on Taylor and I being the experts. This is a community we both were looking for and decided to create so we could learn with everyone…collaboration is the key to the success of AGC™ and we’re looking forward to collaborating with more advisors in the future.

If you aren’t already in the AGC™ but are looking for a group of financial advisors to learn from, grow with, and have a little fun while doing so, then head over to the website to sign up for the email list and join us in 2020 by clicking here!

You can also check out the most recent email that went out yesterday here.


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